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NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety training available now at FMTC Amsterdam

27 August 2014

To be allowed to work offshore within the Dutch continental shelf it is of importance for your own safety and that of your surrounding that you are familiar with the the procedures on how to handle various emergency situations on an offshore mining installation, so that the safety of you and your colleagues can be guaranteed on an offshore mining installation.

NOGEPA is the representing organization of the Dutch oil and gas industry. The abbreviation NOGEPA stands for Dutch Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association. The main objective of NOGEPA is the mining of oil and gas out of the Dutch soil in the most efficient, safe and environmental friendly way as possible.

NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety training at FMTC

Since August 2014 FMTC is officially certified for giving the NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety Training. During this training you will receive information about working and living on an offshore mining installation, the hazards that may occur on an offshore mining installation and the various types of offshore mining installations.

During the practice exercises you will be taught to use the provided theory in the HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) U will also practice the use of the EBS (emergency breathing system) and will participate in practical exercises on the various ways of fighting fires.

NOGEPA 0.5 Basic Offshore Safety training

NOGEPA 0.5A (basic) and NOGEPA 0.5B (refresher)

At FMTC Amsterdam you can follow both the NOGEPA 0.5A and 0.5B training.

The NOGEPA 0.5B Basic Offshore Safety is a refresher course of the 0.5A Basic Offshore Safety and is intended to refresh your memory, so that all the earlier provided knowledge will be top of mind again. This refresher consists of both practical and theoretical parts.

Subscribe for a NOGEPA training at FMTC

Do you wish to receive more information about the NOGEPA 0.5 training or do you wish to subscribe for one of the following courses? Feel free to contact us or book your NOGEPA 0.5A Basic Offshore Safety or the NOGEPA 0.5B Basic Offshore Safetydirectly.

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