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New: NOGEPA 0.6 & NOGEPA 2.6 now at FMTC

17 February 2015

At the end of January, NOGEPA came to visit FMTC regarding the certification of the courses NOGEPA 0.6 fire-extinguish instructions and NOGEPA 2.6 Basic Member Fire Fighting. FMTC has passed the audit for these two courses with honours.


The training NOGEPA 0.6 fire-extinguish instructions can be attended by any person who wants to be familiar with using a range of small fire-extinguishers, whether it’s for professional or for private use. The training NOGEPA 0.6 is also meant for employees who conduct work at an oil platform.


The training NOGEPA 2.6 Basic Member Fire Fighting is meant for all the personnel who take part in a firefighting crew or rescue team on an offshore drilling installation. During this training, the participants gains both knowledge as well as expertise of the firefighting-, search-, and rescue operations.


When you are employed in the offshore industry or a branch related to this industry, you are very likely familiar with an organisation called NOGEPA. NOGEPA is the Dutch Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association. The goal of NOGEPA is to extract the oil and gas from Dutch soil in an efficient, safe and environmental responsible way, in order to maintain an optimal relationship between this industry and the society.

The courses regarding the safety and firefighting are thoroughly examined and checked by NOGEPA. Only when the courses suffice the strict requirements of NOGEPA, will the training be certified by NOGEPA.

Do you want to learn to extinguish a fire yourself?

In case you want to receive more information about the courses of NOGEPA, or if you have any questions related to one of our other courses. Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also choose to book the NOGEPA 0.6 or NOGEPA 2.6 courses immediately. It’s also possible to call 020 – 811 43 32.

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