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NEW: Book your Online OPITO OIM CE (7025) and OPITO CRO ER (9004) assessment at FMTC Safety

01 July 2020

As of today you can book the remote OPITO OIM CE online assessment (7025) and the remote OPITO CRO ER (9004) online assessment at FMTC Safety. This means you need no longer travel to successfully complete these assessments.

Partnership with Wild Geese Group

Thanks to our new partnership with Wild Geese Group we now offer these unique OPITO online assessments; the remote OPITO OIM CE and the remote OPITO CRO ER assessments online. Wild Geese Group is the first and only training provider in the world approved to deliver the online assessments.

The remote OPITO online assessments provide the following benefits:

  • Save a lot of time and money on travel
  • Save 2 or more days of hotel costs
  • Assessment can be performed from your own workplace
  • Choose the time and location convenient for you


The remote OPITO OIM CE (7025) (Offshore Installation Manager Controlling Emergencies) is an online assessment to assess if the delegate is competent to manage an Emergency Management Team during a major incident on an offshore platform.

This online assessment is designed for Current OIM, Deputy or Potential Duty Holders Official Assessment & Certification in Managing / Controlling Emergencies.

The Assessments are conducted using a simulator of the delegate’s own Asset Type using the candidate’s own Procedures. This means realistic practices!


The remote OPITO CRO ER (9004) (Control Room Operator Emergency Response) is an online assessment to assess delegates’ performance in controlling emergencies and critical situations as a CRO.

This online assessment is designed for personnel who are about to be appointed to a CRO position or who are already serving as a CRO.

The Assessments are conducted using a simulator of the delegates’ own Asset Type using the delegates’ own Procedures. Scenarios are prepared using relevant information from the delegates’ Company Safety Case and Emergency Response Plan for the delegates’ appropriate asset type(s).

Book your online OPITO assessment now!

You can easily book your remote OPITO online assessment right now via our website:

Just choose a location and day within 2 weeks from now and you can book the assessment.
After your booking you can schedule your online assessment when it suits you! Our partner Wild Geese will contact you.

More information?
You can book your training directly via our website. Would you like more information about the remote OPITO online assessments or about our other courses? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@fmtcsafety.com or call +31 (0) 85 – 130 74 61.

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