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GWO courses at FMTC Dunkirk, France from January 2020

17 December 2019

We are proud to inform you that from January 2020, FMTC can also offer you GWO courses (Global Wind Organisation) at FMTC Dunkirk, France.

GWO Courses

GWO is the standard for the people working in the wind industry, both onshore and offshore. The purpose of GWO is to create a safe working environment for the people in the wind industry. In order to realize that goal, GWO has developed certified safety courses, for which FMTC Dunkirk France, has accreditations.

The GWO Basic Safety Training course consists of five different modules, which can also be followed separately. See below all our GWO courses at FMTC Dunkirk, France.

GWO basic courses:
GWO Basic Safety Training (offshore) | € 1800
GWO Basic Safety Training (onshore) | € 1400
GWO Sea Survival | € 400
GWO First Aid | € 440
GWO Working at Heights | € 630
GWO Fire Awareness | € 220
GWO Manual Handing | € 150

GWO refresher courses:
GWO Basic Safety Training (offshore) refresher | € 1350
GWO Basic Safety Training (onshore) refresher | € 950
GWO Sea Survival refresher | € 400
GWO First Aid refresher | € 265
GWO Fire Awareness refresher | € 220
GWO Manual Handing refresher | € 150
GWO Working at Heights Refresher | € 385

Customer focus comes first

At all our locations we work exclusively with certified training courses, safe training locations and experienced and driven instructors. And in everything we do, we put our customers first.

  • Certified OPITO and GWO courses. Selection from the complete range of Offshore and Wind courses.
  • Train whenever it suits you. FMTC’s course schedules are flexible and will adjust the day and time to your wishes.
  • Training always continues. FMTC guarantees training, without requiring a minimum of participants.
  • Unique training locations. At the most convenient places around the world.
  • Professional instructors. All of the instructors have the required certifications and broad practical experience that allows them to train you in the best way possible.

More information about FMTC Dunkirk

Would you like more information about the FMTC training location in Dunkirk or the GWO courses, please call +31(0)85 – 130 74 61 or send an e-mail to info@fmtcsafety.com.

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