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FMTC has been globally certified as one of the first training center for the latest UK BOSIET OPITO standard

10 February 2016

As one of the first training schools worldwide, FMTC has been certified for the UK standard of OPITO BOSIET. In the new OPITO trainings the module LAPP/EBS is replaced by the CA-EBS module. From 15th February, 2016 the BOSIET, FOET and HUET (codes 5750/5850/5295) will be offered according the latest OPITO standard.

The new OPITO standard

Starting from 15 February, 2016 the UK BOSIET will be introduced as standard. What means that during the BOSIET, FOET and HUET the Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) will be conducted instead of the LAPP/EBS. Starting from 15th February, 2016 for those wishing to work offshore in the UK sector it is mandatory to be trained according the UK BOSIET guidelines.

The old OPITO certificate

Did you recently completed a BOSIET or FOET according the old standard? The issued certificate will retain it’s validity up to the mentioned expiry date. In due time the refresher will be conducted according the new OPITO standard. Please be advised in the UK sector it is compulsory to have a CA-EBS certificate when you have to travel by helicopter. Are you still without a CA-EBS certificate? This particular training can also be booked separately.

Working outside the UK sector

In case your work is outside the UK sector for the time being, you can then continue to follow training courses according to the old standard. The UK BOSIET is mandatory only in the UK sector.


You will find here a document with frequently asked questions about the new standard.

Additional information

Is it not clear what OPITO training you need and do you prefer more information regarding the new OPITO standard? Please don’t hesitate and contact us. You can call us on +31(0)20 – 811 43 34 or via info@fmtc.nl.

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