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Covered swimming pool Schiphol Amsterdam

04 December 2018

At our training location at Schiphol Amsterdam we use the swimming pool in several safety trainings, such as the OPITO BOSIET, STCW Basic Safety Training and GWO Sea Survival. For the comfort of our participants, wind cloths were placed around the pool, with a height of approximately two meters. Based on user experiences, we have decided to extend the previous situation with this protective windbreak.

Wind cloths

Last week we have completely covered the pool professionally. The entire pool is now overstrained with qualitative wind cloths. This new solution ensures considerable wind reduction and protects the participants completely against wind nuisance. Our pool in Dordrecht will also being build with this construction.

Pool trainings

All training components with sea survival elements as well as the HUET will now take place in a covered swimming pool at our training location at Schiphol Amsterdam. We realize that wind is one of the elements that normally plays a major role in any safety action at sea. Nevertheless, we decided to give priority to the comfort and wellbeing of our participants during the training classes. To increase the visual offshore experience during our trainings, the nets are equipped with appropriate photo prints.

Training in a covered pool

Would you like to know more about our FMTC Schiphol Amsterdam training location? Are you curious about which training components we use in the covered pool? Call +31 (0)20 – 811 43 32 or send an email to info@fmtcsafety.com. Our employees will gladly tell you more.

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