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Training Location at FMTC Houma

Training Location at FMTC Houma

Safety courses at FMTC Safety Houma

Our organization specializes in providing quality safety training; Offshore training (OPITO), Wind courses (GWO) and Industry courses (OSHA). We offer these Internationally accredited safety training courses in Houma, LA (USA). A favorable location, in the middle of the oil and gas production areas of the US.

FMTC Safety and On-Site Training

On-Site Training & Instruction, operating in Houma Louisiana, has been a respected market player in the energy (oil & gas and wind), marine and construction training sector since 1989. After an excellent partnership of 18 months, we will finally operate as one under the FMTC Safety banner. With this newly formed relationship, the training portfolio at the Houma location has tremendously expanded.

In addition, the combining of the two companies means more flexibility and efficiency for clients and a big step forward in the modernization of processes. You can now book all of your training online and plan them at a time that is most convenient for you. Also, FMTC safety has the most flexible pool of talented trainers and guarantees that all booked training will be conducted.

Customer satisfaction

In Houma, our team is ready to implement our ‘one stop shop in safety training’ concept and will aim for 100% customer satisfaction according to our usual standards:

  • Train whenever it suits you. FMTC Safety course schedules are flexible and will adjust the day and time to your wishes.
  • Training always take place. FMTC Safety guarantees training, without requiring a minimum of participants.
  • Professional instructors. All of the instructors have the required certifications and broad practical experience that allows them to train you in the best way possible.
  • Book risk free. No costs for cancellations or changing your booking.

More information about FMTC Safety Houma

Are you interested in undertaking one of our training courses at FMTC Houma? We will be happy to help you. Visit our website and book directly or call +1 985 217 9284, or send an email to info.houma@fmtcsafety.com.

Our service-minded team is ready every day to assist in any way possible. Flexibility and customer service are paramount in all our courses, at all training locations.

Travel Accommodations in Houma

The closest International Airports are New Orleans and Houston. Houma is approximately 1 hour from the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

At all of our training locations we offer delegates the possibility to use an FMTC hotel package. These are excellent hotels, which we book for you at a reduced rate. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the accommodation options or book directly in the booking form of your course online.

FMTC Houma

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United States

Reachable between 7:00 - 18:00 (GMT -6)
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Certified OPITO, GWO and OSHA courses

Train whenever it suits you

Trainings always take place

OPITO FOET & OPITO HUET and OSHA courses daily scheduled

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