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Delegates are expected to report at the training centre at 07:30 AM local time or half an hour before the start of the course (depending on starting time). Delegates arriving too late have to make up for time lost (this, after notifying the client, will involve extra charges). Delegates need to bring their Personal Safety Logbooks and/or seaman’s book, for updating. These will be returned upon completion of the course. For various courses a medical certificate is mandatory. At arrival, the validity of the medical certificates will be checked.

Verification of identity
Every delegate must be able to prove his/her identity which is mandatory in the Netherlands. This can be done by government issued photographic identification or equivalent e.g. passport or identity document.

Offshore courses
To obtain a valid OPITO certificate for OPITO approved courses, delegates have to be registered at the OPITO Vantage Central Register and Vantage POB.

The Training Centre will supply the necessary protective clothing, towels and equipment.

Physical nature
Attention is drawn to the fact that parts of our courses are of a physical nature. It is the employer’s responsibility to check that delegates have a valid medical examination required in the sector of employment, if required. Delegates are required to sign a medical fitness form in which they declare to be fit enough to participate in all parts of the course. FMTC can facilitate a medical and/or maritime offshore examination.

Special needs
Course participants with special needs such as language problems, physical or medical disabilities and special attention regarding religion or culture must be stated on the booking application form. Additional cost will be charged to the company unless other arrangements have been made.

Course fees
Course fees are per person per course, including lunch, coffee/tea, course materials and excluding 21% V.A.T. (if applicable), dinner, travel expenses, interpreter costs, board and lodging. Full payment must be received before the finishing date of the course (certification will not be issued until receipt of payment). It is also possible to pay at the training centre with credit card, debit card or cash. Please note that all course fees are subject to change without prior notice. In case you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact our booking office.

The Organization reserves all rights to stop a delegate from participating in a course if his/her prerequisites do not comply with the rules and regulations of the authorities involved. In this case we always consult the employer before taking any further action. During their stay at the training centre, course delegates have to comply with the house rules.
The Organization is not responsible for problems of any kind that are due to lack of knowledge of the information provided in this sheet.

Learning Outcomes OPITO
The learning outcomes of the OPITO BOSIET, HUET and FOET courses can be found at the OPITO approved standard which can be downloaded via the following link: http://www.opito.com/media/downloads/bosiet-foet-huet-2017.pdf

The learning outcomes of the OPITO BOSIET, HUET and FOET can respectively found at section: A5, B5 and C5.

The learning outcomes of the OPITO Banksman and Slinger Stages 1 & 2 can be found at the OPITO approved standard which can be downloaded via the following link:

Delegates should be able to read and understand English and be capable of making themselves understood in this language. If not, interpreters can be provided. The extra costs will be charged. In general courses will be conducted in English.

Our booking office can assist with booking accommodation in nearby hotels to the training centre.

The Organization can arrange transport from nearby hotels to the training centre v.v. When you have ordered transport please notice that we will charge transport costs for the full duration of the course.

The Organization reserves the right to cancel a training course due to lack of trainees.

General terms and conditions
On our website you can download a copy of the general terms and conditions.

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Booking Application Forms can be sent to: