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We are working hard on building our water-basin. Mid 2014 you can come to FMTC for every NOGEPA course for the offshore and maritime sector. And another important thing, you can attend to these courses whenever it suits you.


The working pressure is high and the work in the offshore and shipping business goes on for 24 hour a day, seven days per week. A well-trained crew therefore can be of vital importance. By acknowledging risks and react to them appropriately, you can positively affect the outcome of an incident.

Specialist in NOGEPA courses

The instructors of FMTC are certified people from practice. They know what they are talking about and they can pass on their procedures and techniques to other people in an interesting way. This makes it easier to remember the theoretical part. Our instructors are experienced in the work field, so they know how to translate the NOGEPA guidelines in to practice. This way you are always assured of a proper NOGEPA course. And, since we understand the significance of a good planning, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for training.

NOGEPA course locations

FMTC already has an own training location where the NOGEPA courses are given. Moreover, it’s possible to do the training in-company or on a location of your choice.

NOGEPA courses now and in the future

At this time, two sorts of courses of NOGEPA are already being instructed. These are Offshore First Aid basis (2.2A) and the Offshore First Aid repetition (2.2 B). With the NOGEPA course Offshore First Aid basis you are taught how to provide aid to victims of accidents and people who suddenly got sick. Moreover, the course participant is taught how to support the sick or wounded for the transport to the mainland. Furthermore, we train on managing offshore first aid resources, assisting and coordinating multiple victims, communication with a medic onshore and providing first aid via the directions of a doctor.

As said above, FMTC has currently got a variety of two courses for NOGEPA. In the near future FMTC wants to expand the offer of courses of NOGEPA with:

    • Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Response Training (0.5 A)
    • Fire Fighting Instruction (0.6 A)
    • H2S Introduction (0.8 A)
    • Helicopter Landing Officer (1.1 A)
    • Gas measurement (1.4 A)
    • Coxswain Man Overboard Boat (2.3 A)
  • Coxswain Lifeboat (2.7 A)

Next to our Offshore & Maritime training, our First Aid & Emergency Response Officer courses and Industry courses might be interesting for you.

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