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OIM CE (7025) Online


Save days and extra costs
and go for the Remote OPITO OIM CE

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Save a lot of time and money on travel
Save 2 or more days of hotel costs
Assessment can be performed from your own workplace
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Save days and extra costs
and go for the Remote OPITO OIM CE

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OIM CE (7025) Online

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The remote OPITO OIM CE (7025) (Offshore Installation Manager Controlling Emergencies) is an online assessment to assess if the delegate is competent to manage an Emergency Management Team during a major incident on an offshore platform. Do you want to do the OPITO OIM CE at our premises? Please have a look at the OPITO OIM CE live assessment.

This online assessment is designed for Current OIM, Deputy or Potential Duty Holders Official Assessment & Certification in Managing / Controlling Emergencies

The remote OPITO OIM CE online assessment provides the following benefits:

  • Save a lot of time and money on travel
  • Save 2 or more days of hotel costs
  • Assessment can be performed from your own workplace
  • Choose the time and location convenient for you
  • Certification:OPITO OIM CE (7025)

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More information about the remote OPITO OIM CE Remote Assessment

The OPITO OIM CE Remote Assessment is an Assessment Only process. You must be ready for your online assessment. After booking this assessment you will receive a pre-assessment documentation. You can also participate in the OPITO OIM CE live assessment at our premises.

Would you like extra help to prepare for the online assessment? We can deliver an extra preparation course so please don’t hesitate to contact us via info@fmtcsafety.com if you feel that you need this.

Your company must declare prior to undergoing Assessments that you already possess understanding of the expected Core Essential Knowledge areas of;

  • Procedures (ERP’s and Safety Case etc)
  • Hardware (Installation layout & Systems etc)
  • Information (Cause & Effect, Potential for Escalation etc)
  • Human Factors (Stress, Decision Making & Adversity etc)

In addition, delegates must possess an Asset Type Knowledge of the facility they are currently on, before undergoing the Practical Assessments.

The Assessments are conducted using a simulator of delegates’ own Asset Type using the delegates’ own Procedures. Therefore, the Emergency Procedures of your facility need to be provided in advance of the Assessments.

Procedure OPITO OIM CE Remote Assessment

  1. Choose any day in our calendar in the next two weeks. This day is not the day you have to do the assessment, you can later choose the date for the online assessment.
  2. You will receive the booking conformation and invoice by e-mail.
  3. After you have paid the invoice, please reply on your booking conformation to booking@fmtcsafety.com with your payment conformation. Did you book for somebody else? Please provide also the delegate’s e-mail.
  4. Within 1 working day you will receive the pre-assessment documentation form from our partner Wild Geese Group.
  5. Wild Geese Group will also schedule the online assessment with you and will need to receive the completed pre-assessment company guide & declaration from your company.
  6. After successfully completing the assessment you will receive your certificate.

Kindly note, this remote OPITO OIM CE assessment is delivered completely online. To achieve optimum training quality and effectiveness to meet the expected OPITO Standard you must ensure you have working computer hardware and software available and tested for use at your location before the Assessments are to take place:

  • Reliable broadband internet access at appropriate speed for the Zoom video conferencing
  • Immediate Email and Telephone access
  • PC/Mac with Browser – Google Chrome preferred
  • Minimum Display Resolution 1366 x 768 (prefer 1920 x 1080)
  • Microphone, Speaker and Video Camera compatible with ZOOM
  • Free ZOOM software downloaded and tested before Assessment. Delegate must be familiar with basic use of ZOOM.
  • Link to the Trident Virtual Command Centre simulator will be issued for familiarization pre- assessment
  • The delegates should be in a professional environment during the assessment such as company site or asset, not private residence


  • Assess the situation & take effective action
  • Maintain communications
  • Delegate authority to act
  • Manage individual & team performance
  • Deal with stress in self & others

Use the “Book” button below to go to our booking form to book the course. In case of questions, you can call us on +31(0)85 – 130 74 61 or contact us via our contact form.

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