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NOGEPA 0.5B / 0.5C
Basic Offshore Safety

NOGEPA 0.5B / 0.5C
Basic Offshore Safety

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The NOGEPA 0.5B Basic Offshore Safety is the refresher course of the NOGEPA 0.5A training and is meant for people who are employed on an offshore installation at the North Sea.

During this training it’s of importance that the employees learn how to bring themselves and others into safety in the event of certain emergency situations which can occur on an offshore installation.

The NOGEPA 0.5B Basic Offshore Safety is a refresher course of the NOGEPA 0.5A Basic Offshore Safety and is meant to refresh your memory in order to remember all the information that was taught to you. This refresher course consists of both practical lessons as well as theoretical lessons.

During the practical classes you learn to develop the right set of skills for the basic safety techniques and to be able to provide basic first aid on an offshore installation. During the theoretical lessons you are taught how to recognize and understand a potential dangerous situation on an offshore installation.

The training NOGEPA 0.5C is meant for anyone who travels with a Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System. During this training, the participant learns to understand and use the CA-EBS in the right way.

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More information about NOGEPA 0.5B / 0.5C Basic Offshore Safety

This refresher course will take one day. After which you are NOGEPA 0.5B and O.5C certified. NOGEPA CA-EBS will not expire, where NOGEPA 0.5B will have to be refreshed after 4 years.

Course Content:

After attending the training, the participant will be familiar with:

  • Important differences between the re-breather and compressed air system (technology and use).
  • The use of CA-EBS in case of emergency situations in a helicopter.
  • The risks that come with using CA-EBS.

In order to successfully complete the training, the course participant must:

  • Carry out an inspection of the life-jacket and CA-EBS before departure.
  • Wear the CA-EBS in the correct way and check his co-passengers.
  • Be able to use the CA-EBS in dry and emergency situations.

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