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FMTC certified for STCW Basic Safety Training

26 August 2014

Since August 2014, FMTC has been certified by the ILT (Dutch Inspection for Living environment and Transportation) to provide the STCW Basic Safety Training. The ILT makes sure that organizations live up to the laws and regulation regarding a safe and sustainable living environment and transportation. For example, training institutes that offer safety training and courses for the offshore and shipping industry, must be certified by the ILT. Every training relevant to the STCW, must be audited separately by the ILT.

The ILT assesses the training institutes based on Dutch and European laws en regulation en the guidelines from the STCW convention by the International Maritime Organization. The most important target of the ILT regarding the offshore and maritime industry is providing a safe living and working environment for all employees on board of a ship. To make sure the safety of the employees can be guaranteed, the ILT obliges seafarers to follow various courses, such as the STCW Basic Safety Training.

STCW Basic Safety Training

When you choose to start working on a seafaring ship, such as a fishery or merchant ship, or when you decide to start using a seaworthy motorized ship for private use, you are obliged to follow the STCW Basic Safety Training. This is because working in this industry or using a seaworthy motorized ship for private use can entail various risks. Since emergency services often can not reach the ship in time, you are dependant on the knowledge and skills of yourself and your colleagues when it comes to calamities. Therefore, it is of great importance that you are aware of the possible risks, so that you can recognise these risks and prevent calamities. When there is no possibility of preventing a calamity, than it is of importance that you know how to handle the situation to be able to guarantee the safety of you and your colleagues.

STCW Basic Safety Training

The STCW Basic Safety Training teaches you how to handle various emergency situations on board of a ship. Through both theory and practical exercises you learn all about fire safety and effective fire fighting with various fire extinguishers on board. Besides that, you will be taught various sea survival techniques, such as proper deploying and entering a liferaft and the procedures that need to be followed during an evacuation with a lifeboat. Besides the fire fighting and sea survival, you also will be taught the basics of First Aid on board of a ship, such as reanimation and the correct use of various medical supplies.

You can follow the STCW Basic Safety Trainingwhen you are in the possession of a valid seamansbook and a valid medical declaration. The STCW Basic Safety Training has a duration of 4 days and after successfully finishing this course at FMTC, you will receive a official STCW certificate as a proof of your participation. This certificate is valid for 5 years. If you wish to stay certified after these 5 years, you can follow the STCW Basic Safety Training refresher at FMTC.

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